taala - 2023

(score will be updated soon)

Taala or tāla, is utilized for rhythmical patterns in Indian classical music. it literally means a 'clap, tapping one's hand on one's arm, a musical measure'. This title was chosen because the rhythmic variations in the piece are inspired by the rhythmic patterns in Indian classical music. This piece can be considered an example of algorithmic composition, where a minimalist structure is crafted through the application of computational algorithms to generate the musical structure.. on the other hand Raaga is used for melodical improvisation patterns in indian classical music, which could have been employed for frequencies in this piece. However, an Iranian element, the santoor (an Iranian instrument), was preferred. But only a few single notes were chosen based on the Segāh Dastgah, an Iranian mode. as for the electronic aspect, the partials of the santoor were analyzed and placed on electronic frequencies. Lastly, the introduction of the F# note, at the end, (which is not part of the previously discussed mode), can be interpreted as an indication of an unresolved or open-ended ending for the minimal form of the piece.