reachOut - 2021 to 2023
fixedMedia - four channels
(score will be updated soon)

Piano: Aynaz Dargahi
Flute: Parastoo Shirani
Violin: Sina Zandi

Setar: Mehrak MalekPour

The idea originated during the COVID-19 pandemic when we were all confined to our homes and unable to have physical contact with one another. As an artist, I gathered the sounds from our homes and used them as raw material and compose phrases for each player. The intention was for each person to record these phrases at their own homes using their smart phones. so the piece was created with the concept of connecting with each other even in the midst of a global disease, in order to maintain our friendly and human relationships. However, the quality of the initial recordings was not sufficient for a public release of the piece. few years later, we reconvened and re-recorded the piece. At that point, I decided to enhance the structure and composition of the piece. so I modified the texture of the piece and divided it into two parts: out and In or "exhale" and "inhale." The first part, written for piano, flute, violin and electronic, respresent looking outward and listening to others. The second part, written only for Setār (an iranian instrument) and electronic, represents introspection and recognizing our own inner emotions when we are alone.