emulation - 2022
for Tombak and live electronic - four channels

(score will be updated soon)

In the field of programming for music, it is difficult to avoid being influenced by logical patterns in Electronic. but, it is even more challenging for performer to follow algorithmic compositions generated by computers in real-time performances without losing the human touch.
In this piece, the aim is to showcase the relationship and communication between the performer and the electronic during the performance. The composition style involves the performer and the electronic imitating each other in real-time. But it's not just a simple imitation. As the piece progresses, the performer becomes more similar to the electronic , and vice versa. Eventually, they embrace their newfound identity without denying their true nature. This process can be compared to learning from the outcomes of others' actions, which is commonly known as emulation. emulation was performed for the first time at Art University of Tehran by Amirhossein Hosseinkhah in 2022. Then, with a few changes, it was included in the collection of this album.